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Schedule – Subject to Announced Changes. Please note the assignment schedule will be adjusted if and when necessary.

Note – due to the different editions of the novel, the first set of numbers are for the hardback edition that I use; the second set of numbers are for the paperback edition from the Belmont bookstore.

Note – during the reading and discussion of the novel, I will bring to share with the class dvds, music, and other information related to the reading. We will also have in-class assignments related to the reading. As well, there will be reading quizzes periodically.

Week One
1/7 Introductions and Discuss Syllabus

Overview of Ireland; writing prompt

Week Two
1/14 Discuss Ireland -- pages 1 – 114 (hardback) (1 – 133) Compare and discuss the heritage site Newgrange ( with the Delaney’s story in the novel.

In class -- Watch DVD: Patrick

Week Three
1/21 Discuss Ireland – pages 115 – 204 (134 – 237) In Class – listen to poetry.

Discuss Short Assignment – Narrative

In Class -- Watch Excerpts – Book of Kells

Week Four
1/28 Discuss Ireland – pages 205 – 277 (238 – 322)

Watch DVD – Ancient Ireland

Week Five
2/4 Discuss Ireland – pages 278 – 339 (323 – 394) Before class, search information regarding the Penal Laws. Note several examples.

Due – Short Assignment – Narrative


Week Six
2/11 Discuss Ireland – pages 340 – 400 (395 – 465)

Watch in class, a documentary of the music of Ireland.

Week Seven
2/18 Discuss Ireland – pages 401 – 475 (466 – 551)

Before class, research the An Gorta Mor – the Great Famine of Ireland.

In Class – finish documentary of the music of Ireland.

Week Eight
2/25 Discuss Ireland – pages 476 – 560 (552 – 651) Watch Excerpts of DVD: The Wind the Shakes the Barley and Michael

Review Novel Discuss Literary Analysis of the Novel Discuss Documentation


2/26 Mid Term Point

Week Nine
3/4 Spring Break

Week Ten
3/11 Work in Class on Analysis

Week Eleven
3/18 Work in Class on Literary Analysis

Optional Conference of Literary Analysis

Week Twelve
3/25 Due – Literary Analysis Discuss Research Project

Work in Class

Week Thirteen
4/1 Work in Class

Week Fourteen
4/8 Work in Class Due -- Annotated Bibliography

Week Fifteen
4/15 Work in Class Optional Conference

4/17 Easter Break

Week Sixteen
4/22 Last Day of Class

Work in Class

Optional Conference

4/23 Academic Prep Day

Week Seventeen
4/24 Final Exam Period – Oral Presentation Researched Project Due

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