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(1) Describe what you know about our company.
(2) Describe which department(s) you are interested in and why.
•Advisor (counselor without a license)
•Investor Relations Team (requires experience with real estate investing)
•Construction Team (requires licensing/experience in construction/renovations,etc.)
•Marketing & Sales Team (both home & auto programs)
•Call Center Representative Team (processing leads for workshops & program enrollments)
•Human Resources Team (recruiter/new-hires, etc.)
•Technical Team (programming/web development)
•Accounting Team
•other (explain)
(3) Describe any professional licenses you currently have or have had in the past.
(4) Describe any strengths you possess as they may relate or apply to the position(s) you wish to pursue.
(5) Describe any weaknesses you possess as they may relate or apply to the position(s) you wish to pursue.
(6) Are you seeking full or part time hours?
(7) Tell us why we should hire you.
(8) Describe your last employment situation.
(9) What about our company do you like.
(10) Describe your professional goals as it relates to this company.
(11) What motivates you? (Income, a challenge, work environment, job security, other) (please explain)
(12) Do you have reliable transportation?
(13) Are you a 9 to 5er (work well under structure) or are you more “Take it Home” (independent)?
(14) Do you have a laptop that is less than 2 years old?
(15) How would you describe your skill level on a computer (Beginner, Some Experience, Average, Above Average, Expert, Programmer/Webmaster)(please explain)
(16) Would you describe yourself as a self-starter or a dedicated follower and why.
(17) Describe your work ethic (what can we expect from you).
(18) Describe whether you are able to track, manage and complete tasks from a computer or are you more of a print and paper person.
(19) Do you have experience in Real Estate? (please explain)
(20) Do you have experience in the Mortgage industry? (please explain)
(21) Considering all the positions we've identified and what you've discovered about us in general; Do you have any other relative experience or resources that may relate to what we do?

(22) We will be discussing the pro's and con's of 1099 Employment.
•If we were to offer you 1099 employment, how do you feel about earning 1099 compensation versus w2 compensation?
•Do you understand what 1099 employment means? (please explain)
•If we mutually agree to retain you as a 1099 employ and it should take several weeks or even a month to get your income where it needs to be to cover your bills, how will you "Sustain" yourself?
(23) Have you ever been in trouble with the law? (please explain).

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