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Classical Principles of Argumument Paper

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Classical Principles of Argument Paper
February 27, 2013
Dr. Tracy Boothe
Alicia Black

Jim Wallis is a veteran of the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s. He created the publication of Sojourners magazine, which published articles, that encouraged peace, justice and overcoming poverty. Wallis created an organization called: Call to Renewal, with the assistance of affiliated churches and religious organizations that worked directly with poor people. Jim Wallis is a credible source and a great person to write about the devastation and hard truth of what Hurricane Katrina revealed.
In this, article the author Jim Wallis wrote about how Hurricane Katrina destroyed cities, lives, homes, and the confidence of millions in the government. Hurricane Katrina exposed the true living conditions of Americans who deal with the difficulties of survival daily. The pictures and media coverage of New Orleans grabbed the attention of many Americans. It gave Americans a clear picture of who was suffering the most. It revealed who all was left behind, because they did not have the resources to evacuate. The men, women, and children left behind were poor and black. They did not own vehicles nor did they have extra cash to assist with the evacuation process. For the first time in years, the media was reporting on poverty. They disclosed to Americans that New Orleans had an overall poverty rate of 28%. eight four percent of them being African American, and a child’s poverty rate of 50 pThe annual United States Census poverty report came out during Hurricane Katrina; it showed that poverty had risen for the fourth straight year and that 37 million Americans were stuck below the poverty line. People that fit this category was some of the ones left behind when Hurricane Katrina struck. The storm exposed that our nation is not as rich as other countries, and some...

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