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Classify Similarities between the Hunger Games and American Idol
In recent years, more people have become are enthusiastic to reality television show. American Idol is a popular reality television show, but there is irrationality in reality television show. Suzanne Collins, author, who wrote the Hunger Games, claims that she was influenced by reality show. Therefore, American Idol and the Hunger Games have similarities to claims in society such as survival game with only one winner, audience care, and media has been brainstormed people’s perspective. First, survival game has only one winner. In the Hunger Games, people kill others to survive. The game is for surviving, and the person who wins the game can be a rich person. It means only one can live well, but others should sacrifice for only one. Also, in American Idol, people compete against each other to win the competition. Winner can be a famous person, so this status enables to be him/her a singer, but others aren’t recognize by audience. Secondly, contestants have to have the audience care. In the Hunger Game, less audience care is directly connected to death because audience gives their food and supplies. Attractive to audience will give participate more support to win the Hunger Games easily. American Idol also needs audience care. In competition, contestants have to judged by their own skills, but attraction is more than their skills because if the audience likes contestants regardless of their skill, contestant can survive, and can go to next stage. This program needs fervent response from audience. Attraction can win the competition.
Finally, media is trying to mess up with people’s perspective. In the Hunger Games, Panem is the only nation of the world, and many districts are dominated by Panem. Most districts are suffering from hunger and poverty. If that continued long, people who live in the district will finally rise in rebellion against Panem, so Panem has been brainstormed people’s perspective by the Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins, author, wrote the Hunger Games because people are enthusiastic for reality television show such as American Idol instead of Iraq war. Consequently, the reality television program such as American Idol represents irrationalities of the society in three parts. Only one can be winner tells people who have to sacrifice for the one. Audience care tells people snobbishly adulate the people who are stronger than me. Media is trying to conceal government purpose. Therefore, Suzanne Collins, author, wants to claim those things through book.

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