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Hi my name is (name)nd I'm running for class Treasure for class of 2014. Barbara
Goleman Senior High and its students mean a lot to me. As a proud gator, I have decided to become a member again by running for the senior class treasure. I believe I will make a great Treasure, and am looking forward to the responsibilities and duties it will bring. I had the best time this year I went all out and did anything possible. So my classmates can have the best time in high school. I quit my job so I can help out my class full time even if is not meaningful. I really love my class and will love to serve them my last year. So I can go all out and bring big ideas to the table. I love the meets because we learned things for each other that we didn’t know so of us were open minders. I’m really a hard worker and I never quit on something I put my mind on. Also good character is most definitely needed when running for a position like treasurer. Meaning having to deal with all of the handlings of money for your class. My character consists of being very responsible, trustworthy, and reliable. I indeed would agree that these characteristics are what the C/O 2014 need. A treasurers duties include fundraising events, maintaining class funds, sponsoring any class-affiliated events, and just knowing if there's enough money in the account and how or what to use it on. I am ready to become a help to the class and be responsible and be by the presidents and other officer’s side 100%. I am very good at using money wisely. If given the opportunity to be your representative, I will try and use the budget in a wise manner in which we will save money and still have lots left. But, if we want to make our class trip fun, many of us need to contribute to projects that will earn us money. All of these candidates can take on the responsibility of leading as well as contribute to our class as a whole. This will be a fun experience for me, and will hopefully help me in pursuing a career. My intentions are the same as yours, to have fun sure, but also to be able to hold responsibilities and stay on top of the demands of our school. I would be honored to represent the gators, loud and proud! As treasurer, I promise to work hard in order to lead our class to a successful and fun year.

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