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Classroom Management Trends

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The Eleventh IAU General Conference
22-25 August 2000
International Convention Centre
Durban, South Africa

Conference Bibliography
Bibliographie de la Conférence


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Bibliographie sélective

II. Higher Education Publishing Organisations
Organismes publiant sur l’enseignement supérieur

IAU/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education
Bibliographic Database on Higher Education




Bibliographic Database on Higher Education
The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB) is an integrated database including over 25.000 references, from 1988 onward, on higher education systems, administration, planning and policy,costs and finances, evaluation of higher education, issues related to staff and students, cooperation, mobility and equivalences of degrees, curricula, teaching methods and learning processes. It is available in the UNESCO CD-ROM
“UNESCO DATABASES” (current ed: 1999).
List of Participants in the HEDBIB database

International Association of Universities (IAU)
IAU/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education
Coordinating Agency and Bibliographical Reference Service
Elzbieta Karwat - Head Librarian
Unesco House, 1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris cedex 15, France
ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education (ERIC)
1100 West Street, Second Floor, Laurel, Maryland 20707-3598, USA UNESCO Headquarters in Paris
7, place de Fontenoy, 75352 Paris 07, France
UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES)
Str Stirbei Voda 39, R-70732 Bucharest, Romania
UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC)
Apartado postal 68.394, Caracas 1062-A,...

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...Running Head: Snyder’s Classroom Management 1 Classroom Management XXXXX EDU650: Teaching Learning and Leading in the 21st Century Instructor: Snyder’s Classroom Management Snyder’s Classroom Management Culinary Arts/Home Economics A. Goal 2 The goal of this classroom and program is to ensure that all students who are taking a great interest in professional cooking, and have enrolled at a upper high school level( Grades 11 and 12) vocational program, are prepared in knowledge with basic culinary skills that will promote their preparedness for higher level technical studies. Students will receive hands on experience, knowledgeable book studies, valid daily instruction, and modern world trends that occur in today’s market. “The five qualities that contribute to excellence in teaching are passion for collaboration, commitment, achievement, caring and trust” (Spurr, 2010, p. 37). These qualities will be a foundation for the teaching style within my classroom. B. Class Rules and Expectations  Rules: 1. Students should always be courteous- Respect one another and their boundaries as well as the instructor and her boundaries 2. Come prepared to learn- Arrive on time, with needed materials, and fully awake. As the Instructor I will do this as well 3. Do not distort or damage school property and the property of your classmates 4. Disruptive behavior and excessive noise is not wanted nor necessary 5. Listen closely to all instructions before beginning a task- this......

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