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Clean Coal

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Advanced Clean Coal Technology
DeVry University
Technology Society and Culture
Professor Paul
Team D

Table of Contents Renee M King
I A brief description of the why the technology is needed …………….page 3
II The historical development and context of the technology ………… 5
III The technology in its cultural context, media influence…………… 9

IV Psychological considerations and sociological effects…………..….page 10

V Economic questions and considerations
VI Implications for the Environment

VI Political and legal influences
IX Moral and Ethical Implications

Advanced Clean Coal Technology

I A brief description of the why the technology is needed

The most plentiful fuel in the fossil fuel family, coal has been used since the caveman days to heat their homes. In the 1700s, people found that it would heat cleaner and hotter than wood charcoal. The Industrial Revolutions overwhelming need for energy to run the new technologies providing the real opportunity for coal to dominant as a worldwide supplier of energy. (A brief history of coal use). As other sources of energy was discovered the use of coal diminished. However, 4 decades ago it became popular again as an energy source. The 1970’s brought about an oil crisis that showed industrialized countries that any disruption in the petroleum supply line would send a shockwave through energy production. (Morse, 2012). Even though coal is considered an environmental villain its use increased in countries that were part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (Morse, 2012). The increase use of coal for electricity generation was 61 percent with a reduced use of oil by 41 percent up until the recently.

The United States has 50% reliability on coal to provide energy, but has started pushing for...

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