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Archie - Rich1 upper class demeanor, in his late thirties/early forties.

Dennis - A cleaner in his late thirties/early forties.

Scene I - The sifting room of a small London flat.

(There are two chairs by a coffee table, and a few books scattered around. The other items in the room - clock, vacuum cleaner, television etc - are old, tatty and cheap. Dennis is sitting flicking through a book. To stage-right is the front door of the flat, leading to the communal corridor. Archie enters stage-right, in the corridor, paces for a moment, and then stops outside the door of the flat. He takes a breath, lifts his hand, and knocks. Dennis looks up, evidently not expecting anyone. He puts his book down and answers the door.)

Archie: (Quickly, nervously) Hello!

Dennis: Hi. (Beat) Yes?

Archie: Erm... I think... I better come in.

Dennis: Why?

Archie: I just... ought to. It’s important, really. May I?

Dennis: Erm I... 0k.

(They walk into the flat.)

Archie: Oh. A nice place you’ve.., got. Good view isn’t it?

Dennis: If you like concrete I suppose. Take a seat.

Archie: Thank you. Well, I’d better introduce myself l’m Archie.

Dennis: Dennis.

Archie: Good.

(Dennis looks slightly puzzled.)

Archie: You live alone?

Dennis: Yeah, it’s only a one-person flat y’know, I couldn’t... too small you see.

Archie: Ah quite, quite. But cozy. One gets tired of having too much space

sometimes - take my word for it.

Dennis: You live in a big house?

Archie: Oh, not really big. Just a few spare bedrooms, couple of acres.., doesn’t really feel like home when you can get lost in ¡t - you know?

Dennis: Not really. Err, why are you here?…...

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