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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
Situation Analysis 2
Market Needs 4
Competition 5
Market Analysis 6
Porter Five Forces Analysis 6
SWOT Analysis 8
Marketing Strategy 10
Financial Analysis 12
Implementation 13
Contingency Planning 14

Executive Summary

Portland Drake Beverages (PDB), Sarah Ryan, the vice president of Market of that company (PDB) are finalizing the product positioning for their new acquisition, Crescent Pure. Crescent Pure is nonalcoholic beverages which launch in 3 US markets. PDB planned for soft launch for Crescent Pure focusing in western states (California, Oregon and Washington) in January 2014 whereby they projected that these states represent 15% of national beverage demand.
PDB planned to spend 750,000$ on advertising for crescent pure in 2014 and use that figure as benchmark earning goals. Ryan need to explain to Michael Booth (CEO of PDB):-
(1) Industry specifies related to each of the two positioning options (energy or sports drink),
(2) The potential benefits and drawbacks of each option
(3) Her final recommendation.
Crescent Pure history start of where Peter Hooper saw a market opportunity for healthy, energizing drink. He founded Crescent in year 2008, organic, all natural food and beverages become famous in the Pacific Northwest region in 1900’s and early 2000’s. The hobby of Peter Hooper became business as Hopper saw growing local demand for his product.
12 months after launching his small business, Hopper secured legal protection foe his proprietary recipes. Demands for Crescent pure has grown tremendously in Portland Ares. In late 2012, Booth notice his adult son drinking crescent and found that drink refreshing, energizing and healthier than other mainstream beverages. After few months of research and negotiations, PDB acquired crescent.
In year 2014, short term of production capacity has…...

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