Cleaning Pennies

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Investigative Question
Write your experiment question here. A good experiment question format is:
What is the effect of liquid on greenish-blue pennies?
The effect of orange juice cleaned the pennies and took the dirt off and the effect of vinegar on the pennies seems to rust and form a black hard substance on the pennies in trial three after 24 hours.
How does the liquid affect the pennies? I will say that the effect of these both liquids had the acidic effect as describe in the research.
Which liquid cleans the pennies better the orange juice or the vinegar? Based on the experiment I will say on all three trials the orange juice cleaned the pennies better than the vinegar on a 24 hour period.I expected the vinegar to clean the pennies instead it made it rusty in the last trial when it was for 24 hours.

Experiment Hypothesis
Orange juice on one set of pennies and vinegar on another set of pennies in separate containers will make you ask which liquid will clean the pennies is it the orange juice or vinegar?
Answer to testable question:
I mention before we did three trials of this experiment and I noticed that the orange juice gave the pennies a cleaning effect on all three trials. The vinegar seems to give the pennies a hard on trial #3 after 24 hours.

Experiment Details
Independent Variables
On Trial#1 we started off with glass cups and the results were the Simply Orange juice and the Heinz vinegar actually cleaned the pennies. Trial #2 The Simply Orange Juice and the Family Gourmet vinegar cleaned the pennies and Trial #3 the Simply Orange Juice cleaned the pennies while the Family Gourmet vinegar rusted the pennies.
Dependent Variables
The time it took for these pennies to show a cleaning effect on all three trials was 24 hours based on the types of liquids that were being used.
Controlled Variables
The variables we kept the same on all…...