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Hit List/Todo

Out side: • All Window ledges Cleaned off • Handicap posts repainted yellow – need to buy spray paint and paint carefully not painting grass or sign • Front door Pepper Band – stay tuned for a cleaning instructions from Tim Carroll • Re-paint ground light and benches that need touch up with black paint. Spray paint in office.

Front Door area: • Polish door handles and door threshold to a brassy finish. • Clean and paint foyer base boards (first area entered from front door) • Silicon fill holes where floor heater power source used to be. • Get door closer covers (mechanisms that help close the doors) • Install menu holders next to host stand with red (holds menus to be cleaned) and green (holds menus that are clean) stickers. • Dust above and around front door. Look above door. Need to point all lights towards the wall.

Dining Room • All chair legs and backs completely clean • Replace plant (plastic) in duck (by 42) and pig (by drink station) • Detail all stainless in remote drink station and clean underneath. • High dust all light fixtures, speakers, vent covers, chalkboards, congruitied metal above tables and runners. • Dust vents and walls in men’s and women’s bathrooms • Fix all blinds that do not recede all the way up…..see Rick on how to • Detail all micros • Detail floors….black that runs along the baseboards. • Baseboards clean

Bathrooms: • Detail doors. Clean all hand grease off front doors • Clean all stall doors of hand grease…. especially in the men’s room • Tighten all toilet seats • High dust vents, all walls and tops of partitions.

Togo: • Get rid of turtle planter in togo. • Organize and detail clean. • Clean beer cooler handle • Beer cooler organized and shelves cleaned of all mold

Bar (dirtiest area of the restaurant): • Take remaining gaskets…black ones on top of the liq. Cage • De-clutter all corners. • Detail all stainless and black surfaces • Clean underneath everything….no debris or trash anywhere. • All reach ins clean and organized • All cooper piping clean and detailed • Call Coke and get new gun and holder for BOTH wells. Call Coke!!!! • Label back bar and rails with correct labels

Pass through: • All stainless detailed • Copper piping polished, • Tea and Coffee equipment detailed • Pass counters (including top) clear of all grease build up • Heat wells soaked and cleaned out • Ceiling tiles clean

Dish room: • Ice machine detailed • All walls and hand washing sink • Dish counter (up and down) detailed and clean • Polish copper piping • Clear all clutter of shelving and underneath storage areas • Organize silverware rolling shelve

Kitchen Line: • Clean all yellowing off walls in SN….near flat top and salad crisper • Clean all ceiling tiles and outside hoods • Power wash walls behind all equipment (unplug all equipment before) • Inside hoods….detail all carbon build up. Silver look and clean light covers as well • All heat lamps clean • Both flat top detailed…silver finish • Fry clean behind both Kariaks…. sides of equipment, walls, grease build up • Top of the line degreased, de-cluttered • Top of fry area detailed to silver finish

Prep Area: • Ceiling tiles detailed • Utensil wall organized • Replace light bulb in hood area • All walls top to bottom clean • Hand Soap dispensor replaced • Fry Freezer detailed….top really greasy • Thermailzer detailed
Dry Storage: • Walls, ceiling tiles and shelves all cleaned. • Maintain clean organized freezer • Organized shelves…including bread racks

Walk-In: • All Shelves, including casters, clean. • All walls and ceiling clean

Back dock/Shed: • De-clutter shed • Getting new hanger for all squeegees and clean where squeegees used to hang. • Working on getting new dumpster or paint over all the bare spots.

Ordering: • New return vent and vent covers fro kitchen • Back gate sign • Floor drain covers • New GBN posting • More flash lights

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