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Clearwater Seafoods

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Clearwater Seafoods

Clearwater Seafoods had distinguished itself in the seafood market by focusing on and maintaining a supreme product quality. Clearwater first came up with new technologies to help them harvest more efficiently, then they invented and patented technologies used to test, freeze, label and deliver products in a way none of their competitors were able to mimic. That gave Clearwater relative advantage by saving time and providing guaranteed fresh seafood, which is a hard task in their case because of long transportation hours needed to reach buyers. Moreover, their greatest challenge was that most of their work was Business-to-Business, which meant more time till products reached end users and lack of control over the quality of products delivered. Using the new technologies, i.e. harvest time stamps and labeling, end users were satisfied with the guaranteed freshness of the product they are buying, thus they were willing to pay a higher price for it. This way Clearwater guaranteed their customers to never be served other than what they ordered, avoiding what a study found is frequently happening in seafood restaurants (Johnson, 2013).
Similar to any company, Clearwater was aiming to expand its operations and reach out to new customers. The management of Clearwater was able to get the company to its current position by targeting major markets with large seafood demand and studying them to find entry strategies. As a result Clearwater had entered the Chinese market where restaurants industry is going thru a dynamic expansion that is expected to continue in the coming years along with an increasing rate of its population (Market Line, 2014). This can be illustrated in Figure 1 and Figure 2.
Since China is the largest producer of seafood in the world with increasing export and import figures over the years, Clearwater placed a representative in...

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