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Impact of Advertising on Consumers’ buying behavior through Persuasiveness, Brand Image, and Celebrity endorsement

Shumaila Ahmed and Ayesha Ashfaq

The present research paper is focusing on the impact of advertising on consumer’s buying behaviors. Brand image, persuasiveness and celebrity endorsement in the advertising are the key factors, which raise the consumers’ intentions towards the product and buying behaviors. The buying behavior is strongly influenced by image of the product which is build by the advertisers. The primary data of the study is collected through questionnaires and secondary data was collected through internet, journals and business magazines. This survey study was conducted in January, 2013. A sample of 120 respondents was taken, out of which 50 were in government or semi-government services, while 30 were taken from business class and the rest 40 were private employees. The study explores that a creative and well executed advertisement has always a great impact on the buying trends or purchasing behaviors of the consumers. At the same time quality of the product and price are also included with their strong impact on buying behavior of consumer. Likewise to some extent the celebrity endorsement also matters in the buying behavior. Therefore the study concludes that the positive impact of all these factors, on the buying behavior of the consumer proves the loyalty of consumer towards brand which helps in promotion of the advertised product and changes the buying behavior towards buying intentions.

Key Words: Advertising, brand image, persuasiveness, c

Advertising is a form of communication which is used to persuade a specific group of people to take some new action. Advertising is considered as a major and important element for the economic growth of the marketers and different...

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