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Clicks with Click2Procure

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C a s e St u d y




Sie m e n s
Clicks with Click2procure

in ce 1999 , Siemens has sp en t over $870 million buildi ng its e-procuremen t sys tem call ed Click2procure, us ing t echn olo gy provide d by Com merce On e and SAP, the Austrian m anufactur er of a wide ly adopte d ERP syste m .
Click 2procure is one of the world's largest private b uy-side Net m arketplaces.
Siemens is a German electri cal engin eering and electronics gia n t with approximately
475,000 em ployees in 190 countries and sal es of over 87 billion (euro) in fisca l 2006.
This m ultinational co nglom erate is a leading m anufact urer of automati on a nd control systems, co m m unications, li ghting, m edical , se m i-co n du ctors, power, and tran spo rtation produ cts and services.
Click2procure is u sed today b y 35, 000 Siemens em ployees, of wh ich 6,000 ar e in volved with strategic purch asing: Siemens purchases over 45 billion (e uro) a y ear in direct an d in dire ct goods. Curre n tly, Click2proc ure has ab out 9,00 0 registered su ppliers . Su ppliers can eithe r re gis te r free of charge for a "Basic Registration" or pay a sub scrip tion fee of 3,000 (eu ro ) a y ear for "Advan ced Bus iness Service," which entitles the supplier to additional marketing sup port, such as the co n tact informatio n

News l1ndUpdat es:
Welco me to c/lck2procure 's ne ..... software upgrade . This

releas e indudes a more intuitive la yout and new features .
Our online traini o has n also been upgrade d to help j ou becom e familiar with our ne w c1fc:k2procure .

f or the latest news about dick2procu re

please d ick: c!icl<2 QrtXlj r¢



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E- c o m m e r c e

for rele van t Siemens customers an d an a nalysis of the suppli er's i n d ivid u a l competitive po sition . As of .Ianuary 2007, Click2p rocure h as handled over 4 billio n
(euro) in purch asin g volume...

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