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Ashley Winn
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September 20, 2015
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Reflective Summary

Technology has positively affected the field of human services in my opinion. It has improved services as well as access to benefits. Technology advances has made it easier to reach those who are need and provide services that will meet their needs. The use of mobile technology such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, allows staff to access information needed to assist clients while out in the field. Technology has also allowed clients the option of applying and managing services and benefits from the privacy of their own homes. This option helps to eliminate the stigma and challenges that are associated with those who apply and receive services and benefits. Technology allows various programs and agencies to collaborate with one another in order to deliver services to their clients more efficiently.
As with almost anything, there will be advantages as well as disadvantages that come along. Technology is rapidly changing and therefore it is important that not only the human service provider but also the client stay up to date with technology, this will allow them to work together much easier. I hope to learn more about the privacy and security issues that come along with the use of technology. I hope to learn ways on how to ensure that I will be able to keep my clients information safe. Another thing that I hope to learn is creative ways to incorporate technology to better serve clients and helping them to meet their…...

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