Climate Change – Global Warming

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Climate Change – Global Warming
Climate change has become really important for the whole world due to its drastic change, because of the release of carbon dioxide and other gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The climate on Earth has always been a subject of change. From history we know that there was an ice age on the planet Earth that ended about 10,000 years ago. The time has passed; “people have developed advanced industry, and technology, discovered fossil fuels and the very effective way of using them by turning them into heat, transportation, and the basis for manufacturing and construction” (Global Climate Change.) That has changed the world forever for all of us. What are the fossil fuels? “In general, fossil fuels are a legacy bequeathed to us by the biosphere of the distant past.” Basically, on an ancient Earth existed a high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. There also existed photosynthetic organisms that were able to absorb CO2 and produce plentiful organic material. When these organisms died, they were buried deep within the earth and slowly turned into coal and oil, and now they are presenting the fossil fuels (Global Climate Change). Since the 1800s the usage and burn of the fossil fuels has been increasing in order to power the developing technological and global civilizations. As a result of burning the fossil fuels there has been a huge release of the CO2 back into the atmosphere, increasing the atmospheric concentration of CO2. According to the article “Global Climate Change,” it is not a concern by itself. “Carbon dioxide comprises a very small proportion of the atmosphere, and no projected increase would affect our breathing” (Global Climate Change). However, they mention that CO2 presents a danger by its nature; it absorbs heat that makes it a powerful greenhouse gas.
Since the 1800s, CO2…...

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