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Climate Change Is a Natural Process, Not Man-Made

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Climate Change is a Natural Process, not Man-Made
Lanson D Owen II
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One of the most important and controversial environmental issues facing the world today is the changing of the climate. Many think it is man-made but fail to understand the fascinating natural cycles of how complex the geological history of planet earth is. It is a difficult subject to take in, so the public has to rely on experts for making the information understandable. The problem with relying on a group of people to make decisions for the public is they have the ability to manipulate the data to back their point of view. It has been scientifically proven and accepted by many scientist that mini global warming and global cooling periods have been present in the earth’s history. These fascinating scientific facts of earth’s history have been totally knocked out by the massive hype that man is responsible for climate change. Overall, climate change tends to be reported as explanations about general tendencies and possible outcomes.
Climate Change is a Natural Process, not Man-Made
It seems like everyone in the world has an opinion about what might be causing the climate of the world to change. Recently there has been a common scientific consensus that claims to know what is causing the climate to change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is stating carbon dioxide is causing the climate to change, the oceans are warming, and the temperature is rising faster than usual. These claims being made are not only incorrect but lack the understanding of how the earth has hosted life for billions of years. There are many different claims about climate change being a man-made challenge facing the world today, but the top three are actually nothing more than a combination of natural cycles and events.
When the concern about climate change developed in the...

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