Climbing the Ladder Analysis

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Climbing the Ladder Analysis

For generations, the American Dream has continued to stand as a vision that so many people have strived for in America. It is what attracts countless foreigners to come to the U.S and what also keeps them there. All these people are filled with ongoing motivation to eventually reach this dream. Yet, the Dream and its steps to success are not a definite list. In fact, the very idea of how to achieve such a dream has been debated for generations. Andrew Carnegie, a famous humanitarian and industrialist for his time, provided a very unique perspective of this American Dream.
Carnegie was a very harsh but honest man. He truly believed that everyone had the opportunity to achieve the American Dream, regardless of social class, if they set their mind to it. So if people lived in poverty their entire life, he believed they deserved it and did not work hard enough for success. This shows that the American Dream was achievable to anyone and Carnegie did not believe it discriminated on social class.
There were no shortcuts in his philosophy and in order to reach true success in the Dream, a lot of rules had to be met. One must dedicate their entire life’s purpose toward their goal of the American Dream and must avoid any distractions that might arise in the meantime. Carnegie consistently brought up the phrase “advance in life” and as a result gave the impression that the American Dream was a sort of race. The consumption of alcohol and attention to women were two diversions that would deter one’s “advance in life”. Another requirement as to always save some money, regardless of how much or little you made. It is clearly apparent that by requiring such restrictions for success, Andrew Carnegie was saying that the American Dream was a very tough and focused goal. A lot of these restrictions are what many people did in their lives, and to…...