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Critical Response: Cloud Atlas In this critical response, the part of the book I will be focused on is “The Letters from Zedelghem” (chapters 2 and 10). This section of the book deals with the life of Robert Frobisher and all the events that go on around him. In the first portion of “Letters from Zedelghem”, he writes a series of nine letters to his friend, Sixsmith. Later on in the story we find out that Frobisher is bisexual and he and Sixsmith are distant lovers.
A controversial issue I sought out in this section is “Why is Frobisher disowned by his family?” In the beginning of this chapter, it is stated that he dropped out of school. There is no clear reason caused him to make this decision but I believe it was because he wanted to go into a musical career. Frobisher comes from a family of good wealth, fortune, and status. His father is a British nobleman who expects nothing but the best from his son. Pursuing into the musical field does not always guarantee a career will come from it. His father was probably adamant on him finishing college so that he can actually have a justified career. Instead he chose to follow his heart and do otherwise. I believe this is a reason why Frobisher becomes disinherited from his family as well. Another reason he possibly is disowned by his family is that he is bisexual. His relationship with Sixsmith probably made his father uncomfortable and may have made him look down on him. Coming from a family of such high status, having a lover of the same sex most likely would bring dishonor to the Frobisher name. Another issue that caught my attention is “Why did Vyvyan allow Frobisher to have a sexual relationship with Jocasta?” I find it odd that Vyvyan allowed this affair to happen as he was mentoring Frobisher. I wonder if the reason was because Vyvyan wanted to use him for his talent. This affair seemed a little too unclear for me but this happened to be the undoing for Frobisher to the end of his life. In addition, the relationship between Vyvyan and Jocasta must have fell apart when he got sick which could be a reason to this affair. The fact that he laughed and encouraged this incident when Frobisher tells him must have not phased him at all which is also strange. This part of the book is what really left me in questioning on why Vyvyan did not confront Frobisher as this affair went on. In Conclusion, the “Letters from Zedelghem” was a very exciting and intriguing part of Cloud Atlas to read. The way the book structured the chapters to intertwine with each other made it that much more interesting to read. I personally enjoyed how chapter 10 was ended with that final letter written to Sixsmith. I was curious on knowing how long the relationship between Sixsmith and Frobisher have been going on and why Frobisher never received a letter from Sixsmith. Overall, I enjoyed these chapters of the book and look forward on read the entire novel.

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