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Cloud Database Management System

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Cloud Database Management System
IS508E group NO.6 project

Group NO.6 members: PENG Yu KALAI Kumaraguru KUTTIKKAT VENUGOPAL Sreehari

General business case ............................................................................................................... 1 Introduction and problems ....................................................................................................... 1 The existing technology ............................................................................................................ 2 Challenges of Implementation: ................................................................................................. 9 Reference: ............................................................................................................................... 10

General business case
Thanks to the successful management, the business of the company expands very fast. However, the database management system cannot withstand the quickly and greatly increased work load, the break-down frequency increases, which make the decision-making efficiency and customer experience drop. The company tries to turn around this bad trend and poses two solutions: one is to update the present DBMS including hardware, software and human resource; the other one is to make use of SQL Azure from Microsoft to set up cloud environment and transfer the DBMS there. After cost analysis, we find that to reach the same efficiency standard, the cost of first solution is 9 times of the second solution, and the second solution has merits such as capability, flexibility and elasticity, so we suggest implementing the second solution: Cloud DBMS, SQL Azure.

Introduction and problems
We are an express company in North America. We transport the parcels for customers. We have good performance and with the blooming online shopping, our business...

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