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Cloud Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

James Taylor CEO, Decision Management Solutions

Two important technology trends intersect to create opportunity for organizations

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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

“Innovation happens at the intersection of two or more different, yet similar, groups. Where one technology meets another, one discipline meets another, one department meets another.”
Valdis Krebs, Founder & Chief Scientist,

Predictive Analytics


Introduction Pre-packaged Cloud Based Solutions Predictive Analytics for SaaS Predictive Analytics for On Premise Modeling with the Data Cloud Elastic Compute Power for Modeling

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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud
An Introduction

“The challenge was to build a system that can sustain our consistent growth, scale when needed, predict performance trends, has high availability built in, and runs on the cloud.”
Lenin Gali, Director of Business Intelligence at ShareThis

“Everything we need to make a loan decision is right at our fingertips. It has definitely simplified operations and made life easier.”
Beverly Pile, Vice President of Consumer Underwriting, Prosperity Bank

Predictive analytics and cloud are hot topics in business today. Predictive analytics are increasingly the focus of many companies’ efforts to improve business performance with analytics while cloud is fast becoming the default option for purchasing and deploying software. Public, private and hybrid clouds are all evolving rapidly and are here to stay. But what’s happening at the intersection of these two technologies? How can predictive analytics in the cloud add value and what are the critical risks and issues involved? This paper explores the five key opportunities for organizations to use predictive analytics in the cloud:  Using the cloud to...

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