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Cloud Resources Vs In-House Deployment (focusing on windows Azure)

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Cloud Resources Vs In-House Deployment (focusing on windows Azure) Cloud resources have gained substantial popularity in the recent past owing to its autonomy and the hype of providing instant data management solutions no matter where an individual may be, (GFI Software, 2010). Several factors must be considered when deciding on what type of system will be used to handle the various classes of data within an organization. Data security is key feature; the system settled upon must ensure that the data is safe at all times whether at rest on the server, in transit or while being authenticated, (Bills, et al., 2012). The cost implications of the system to be adopted should be favorable and not compromise the data security for the affordability feature. Cloud resources offer a very lucrative deal to organizations because they will not need to invest on new infrastructure (servers), no software licensing fees, and all the hard work is done by a third party agency, (Cisco, 2012). Designing a cloud system to handle organizational data is an elaborate process that requires consideration of several issues because the cloud has more potential risks that local storage. For instance, a third party protects the data stored in the cloud and there is a possibility of intruders breaking into the server and causing harm, (Jansen & Grance, 2011). In that case, the law enforcement agency must be involved every step of the way for emergency response whenever such a problem occurs. Procedures for reporting cases of suspected intrusion must be well documented on the design of a cloud system to be entrusted with handling critical data, (Oracle Corporation, 2012). Cloud service models generally incorporate the use of software, a platform and a very robust...

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