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Clouds and the Apology

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Greek tradition should be served to provide moral lessons and justice because, although it can be manipulated for political purposes or personal gain, its main purpose is to be passed on through generations to come and meant to be a guide and show culture of the people. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates says that he is going against the traditions in order to show the importance of the traditions, although in a way that argues against it which is irritating to some. He claims that without him the state is likely to enter into a “deep sleep” meaning that it would be forgotten. In Aristophanes’ Clouds, he treats Socrates crudely because its purpose is for Just Arguments whereas Socrates used Unjust Arguments. In The Apology, Socrates gives a speech defend himself and his conduct. He says that since he has no experience with the law courts he is going to talk in the manner he is most used to: honestly and directness. He explains that his conduct was because of the Delphic oracle who said that he was the wisest of all men. Knowing that he doesn’t know much of world affairs, he concluded that he is only wiser than other people only in that he knows nothing. To spread his wisdom he goes around to question “wise” men to expose their ignorance. Although he earned the admiration of young Athenians, hatred ensued from the people he embarrassed which would be the reason he was on trial. He says that he is merely a gadfly stinging a lazy horse which is the Athenian state. Claiming that without him Greek traditions would be forgotten and that through his interactions, even if it is irritating to some, it can be used to become a productive and virtuous action. In The Clouds, Aristophanes writes about a how a father, Strepsiades, worries over the financial issues due to his son’s, Pheidippides, financial spending. In order to outdo the creditors through an “Unjust” argument he...

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