Club It Part 2

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Club IT, Part Two
Club IT’s business is rapidly growing and becoming “the” hot spot in town. Ruben and Lisa are excited to make a few changes with their information system and business processes. After many hours of review and discussion, three business problems were identified. First, the computer hardware and Internet need to be updated. Second, they need a more efficient way to handle customer orders and track inventory especially with Club IT getting so busy. Third, Ruben and Lisa are not up-to-date with participating in e-commerce. With these three issues in mind, Ruben and Lisa are ready to find solutions.
A few items that Ruben and Lisa can do to upgrade their computer hardware system are: adding some additional RAM memory, broadband wireless modem, and a portable POS system. The first step is to upgrade the RAM memory in the computer system. Windows XP Pro runs more efficiently and faster with at least 512 MB RAM. Next, install a broadband wireless modem and upgrade the Internet connection to broadband from dialup. A faster Internet connection will make online purchasing and website changes much faster and save valuable time. Another option for Club IT is to purchase mobile handheld point-of-sale equipment. By using the new wireless connection, the POS machines can connect directly to the system for customer orders. This allows the wait staff to be more available to the customers while getting the orders in quickly. These investments are a good start in getting Club IT to a more current state with their computer system.
Club IT also needs to purchase software to make customer orders, purchases, and inventory tracking much easier to track and stay on top of. Restaurant Plus and Advantage Salesware are two programs that will help Club IT manage their business. Restaurant Plus includes functions for inventory tracking…...