Club It Part 3

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Club IT, Part 3
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Opened in 2005, Club IT has enjoyed success in a business, nightclub, where many fail. This is mostly because of the experience of the owners, Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Both Keys and Tejada graduated from college with degrees in Business Administration and during college they both worked in numerous nightclubs as musicians while attending college. Entertainment at Club IT is all music related with live bands on the weekends and a live DJ on the weekdays. Club IT's customers are mostly tech knowledgeable young adults. Smart phones, tablets, and other forms of wireless communications are part of their everyday lives and they are just as likely to shop online as they are to shop at a brick and mortar business. (Appendix D, n.d.) Also, their customers are frequent visitors to social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. Even though the owners have experience their success is impressive because their information systems are either non existent or out of date.
The primary goal of information systems is to process data into information and knowledge. Data is raw information that has not been organized or analyzed. Once data has been organized so it has meaning and value it becomes information. Data and knowledge that has been processed to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a business-related problem is considered knowledge. (Rainer & Turban, 2008, p. 6)
Club IT needs to make changes to their business so they can better serve the needs of their customers. Their website needs to become more up-to-date, attractive, and useful for Millennials and the Net Generation. Also, Club IT needs to make changes to their business so they can better serve the needs of themselves. They need to develop and use information…...