Club It Part 3

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Final Project: Club IT, Part 3
Wayne G. Hatfield
Shenise L. Soto

Club IT, owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, is a fresh, hot night club located in the center of downtown Chicago. It is a hotspot for people to come and enjoy food, drinks, and local concerts. When Ruben and Lisa designed this night club, they began to think how they could attract more than just night club customers. By implementing a good ethical standard for new businesses, Ruben and Lisa made this business a Web base business. Customers can register online and place their orders ahead of time. Also they can pre-register for upcoming concerts, upcoming events, and receive a discount.
The two owners had many goals for this business when it first opened. One of the many discussions included with the management team and that they were happy with the technology department. However, they would like to see it improve over the next several months. A major concern they had was that they needed to find a better way to run the technology of the building in a faster, more effective way before they could open another building. The vision Ruben has is one day running both buildings on the same technology system. This can be done, however it will take the right team of professionals to implement the programs.
Club IT should also have not just one, but multiple computer programs to aid them in running the facility. Different questions could be asked. How does the staff take orders at the bar? What about the waitresses taking orders at the tables? All of this could be changed. Other items that could be brought up are timecards and that human resource information all could be computerized. Both Ruben and Lisa should have either known about this or been notified about this sooner. Different companies that represent small businesses may be able to come in and do a presentation. There should be a…...