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Club It Part Two

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Club IT is a downtown music venue managed and owned by two ambitious people which are Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Club IT is a fun and relaxing environment, where friends, co-workers, and family can get together and have a good time listening to a live band and different variety of music. People often come to Club IT to learn new dance steps and have an overall good time with the atmosphere.
The new club owners’ goal with Club IT is to become successful with managing their information. After remodeling the new club Ruben and Lisa have realize their information management is tanking. Ruben and Lisa also would like to have multiple customers to try out the club and become regulars in order for the club to be successful. Their overall mission is to have a club where people can come, relax and have a good time with their friends and family.
Club IT is basically targeting the more mature crowd, that are able to come to the club and have a good time without starting any type of issues with other guest. Since there’s a live band on Friday and Saturday nights, the targeting age for these nights are normally 25 and up. In addition, Ruben and Lisa would like for the customers that are legal age to be able to enjoy the environment as well, so they also hired a DJ to play different types of music. Their customer demographics are for the young and the old, just for anyone that likes to have fun. Since the club is located downtown, which is a centralize location, this makes it easy for everyone to have equally the amount of travelling distance.
In Club IT Lisa and Ruben both run the office and maintain all financial and business-related records. During the remodeling time is when Lisa and Ruben lost track of their information management. At this time, Lisa and Ruben are the only two that have access to their information. It is best that not too many people have access to the…...

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