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Club IT


The Club IT website is like most websites advertising an establishment. Their mission is stated clearly and there is background on how this business was created from the idea to the actual opening. Although informational, it is not so long so the reader feels discouraged to continue reading. The tabs provide different aspects of the business, but could use some improvement. The website itself is small and to the point, but it makes its point.

The mission of the Club IT is to create an atmosphere that people of similar interests can enjoy. The founders state what kind of music is played and what type of environment it is. Knowing what kind of an environment it is helps the public determine whether they want this type of business. For instance, a rocker would not frequent a jazz club. By seeing the music available, one can decide right away if it is worth it to continue reading.

The website offers a menu for review complete with prices. Most people are concerned with how much money to bring to a club so this information is helpful. Without it, I predict less people would feel inclined to visit this club. By skipping out the prices, it is a passive way of explaining that the prices might be high. I especially liked the fact that the website shows the layout of the building. As someone who likes to know where I am going and what I am in for, I like to know the lay of the land first. Club IT did not include bathrooms or exits on this plan, though. I consider this a huge flaw. Any club or bar understands just how important bathrooms are, and any establishment should know how important safety is. I would recommend Club IT remedy this immediately.

Providing staff information also sets the tone for what kind of business it is as well. However, this information appears to be lacking. The hours are not listed on the website. First, a potential customer needs this information to know if the business is even open before he or she makes plans to visit. Second, it would be helpful to know if all six waitstaff are available at one time. If this business is open all day, that could change how many staff are working at any time.

There is a merchandise tab listed on the menu. When it is open, it shows the available merchandise and the prices, but it does not show how it can be purchased. This indicates that this business is a bricks and mortar company. It is solely operated in a physical sense, and it is merely advertised on the Internet. It would be useful and could pull in more profit if a customer could make purchases online. It is predicted that by 2016, online shopping will increase by 45%. (Rueter, 2012) It would be beneficial if the Club IT could set up online sales.

The employee portal is interesting. It offers information such as length of employment and how many hours the employee has pulled in so far during this pay period. That is something every employee worries about, and the fact that it is readily available is something not commonly seen at other businesses. Some businesses do not offer information such as vacation or sick leave time accrued unless it is on a paycheck. The documents available are very useful and helpful. The accident report, payroll direct deposit request, health & safety, and emergency procedures are all essential information that should be made available to employees. The bus pass purchase is a bonus addition that is not necessary, but a unique addition to ensure that employees always have a way to and from work. As for the list of current employees, I am not necessarily a fan. While I understand it is important to contact someone to cover a shift, I do not like that everyone on staff has access to personal contact information for others. I expect my employer to keep my information private.

The tabs in the employee portal are interesting and informational. It provides a current view of how the business is running. The numbers show the budget, sales, and what items have been ordered. Having access to this information at any time can assist in making future decisions in food specials or how many people to have working on a shift. By including each employee in the distribution of this information, each employee then feels as if he or she is just as much a part of the company as anyone else involved. Keeping morale up keeps the employees happy. Happy employees create a better atmosphere. A good atmosphere combined with happy employees makes for a great business.

In addition to the suggested changes above, Club IT might be interested in allowing a way to receive feedback from customers. Negative feedback should be considered some type of report card so the company knows where to improve. Positive feedback can be featured on the website as reviews to pull in new customers. People like to see that a business is established, and that real people enjoy its services.

All things considered, the Club IT website is informational and functional. It is both customer friendly and employee friendly. There is room for improvement, but even without these changes, it will work out.


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