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Clulb It Part Ii

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Club IT, Part Two
Nathaniel Rogers
October 25, 2010
Alanzo White

Club IT, Part Two In response to Ruben and Lisa’s request for a full analysis of Club IT’s information needs (Club IT, Part One), over the past few months, I have observed the overall progress and potential of Club IT and have concluded that it has the potential to become one of the most progressive entertainment venues in Newtown. Club IT currently possesses an adequate platform on which to build a state-of-the-art information system that can propel the club into the stratosphere. With some attention directed toward a few strategic areas and a focus on Information Technology (IT), Club IT can become the entertainment topic of discussion. I will discuss these areas in more detail in this paper and make recommendations on certain systems to implement that will provide the tools necessary to position Club IT to reach its full potential. First, allow me to identify three problem areas that deserve considerable attention: (1) customer relations, (2) sales and marketing, and (3) supply chain management. Concerning customer relations, Club IT needs to do more to establish a rapport with current and potential customers outside the physical confines of the club. It is an established fact that many of Club IT’s patrons use some form of electronic or mobile communications device like Blackberry’s, PDA’s, and camera phones (Club IT Part Two). Club IT must capitalize on this widespread opportunity to connect with its customer base and use it to its own advantage. Patrons of Club IT are very likely to shop online because they have the means and technical savvy to do so. The more visual Club IT is, the more likely its patrons will continue transacting business after they leave the club. Implementing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will allow individual customers...

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