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A Survey of Clustering Schemes for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET)
Ismail Ghazi Shayeb Albalqa Applied Univesity, Amman, Jordan E-mail: AbdelRahman Hamza Hussein Jearsh University, Jearsh, Jordan E-mail: Ayman Bassam Nasoura Jearsh University, Jearsh, Jordan E-mail: Abstract Clustering has been found to be an effective means of resource management for MANETs regarding network performance, routing protocol design, Quality of Service (QoS) and network modeling though it has yet to be refined to satisfy all the issues that might be faced by choosing this approach. Scalability is of particular interest to ad hoc network designers and users and is an issue with critical influence on capability and capacity. Where topologies include large numbers of nodes, routing packets will demand a large percentage of the limited wireless bandwidth and this is exaggerated and exacerbated by the mobility feature often resulting in a high frequency of failure regarding wireless links. In this paper we present acomprehensive survey and classification of recently published clustering algorithm, which we classify based on their objectives. We survey different clustering algoirthm for MANET's; highlighting the defining clustering, the design goals of clustering algorithms, advantages of clustering for ad hoc networks, challenges facing clustering including cost issues and classifying clustering algorithms as well as discussion on the objectives and features of various clustering schemes presented in a comprehensive survey of the related literature.

1. Introduction
Without using any existing infrastructure or centralised administration a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) consists of…...

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