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Exercising while at work and the Health Benefits

Unit 6 Project:
Should Employers A lot Time to Exercise while at work
Mary Jackson
Kaplan University

CM 220 College Composition II
Professor Connie Maker
June 25, 2013

Exercising While at work and the Health Benefits
Should Employers A lot Time to Exercise while at work
As we enter into the work force we are entering into a world of over worked, underappreciated group of people. We tend to become lazy stressed and depressed which can lead to negative impact on both our work and home life. There are studies that show working to much can lead to depression, stress and unhappy employees. Employers need to keep an eye on its employees and come up with a way to help reduce the depression, stress and turning unhappy employees into happy ones. Employees on average spend 8 to 12 hours a day at work; if they are not allotted time to exercise and help to reduce stress, depression then it will lead to unhappy employees.
Employees who are happy tend to enjoy coming to work and production is generally up and there is less stress and arguments at work. Lack of exercise can lead to many health issues like diabetes as described by the American diabetes association. So exercising can lead to weight loss and a health body which will in turn help to lower diabetes and blood pressure. We need to get employers involved in a program to help with this on a daily basis. So how do we do this without a huge impact on Employers and its employees.

Exercising While at work and the Health Benefits
There are many advantages to exercising on a daily basis and its impact on your work and personal life. A study done by ACE fit on Railroad workers showed that 75% of them showed increase in concentration and overall health. This study also showed that a study was done for nine months on 80 executives who exercised a 22%...

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