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Cm206 Unit 3 Assignment

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1. Describe Jim’s self-concept.
Jim self-concept would be he is doing his best and cannot do any better. He thinks that hanging out with his friends don’t affect his school work or studying. He thinks that just because his father was successful in school that he is trying to make it harder on him by pushing him to do his best. I personally feel he is lazy because his education is being given to him instead of him having to work for it like his father did. If he had to work for it like his father did then he might appreciate it more. 2. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how Jim’s self-concept impacted his interaction with his father. Was it positive or negative?
His self-concept impacted his interaction with his father negatively because he thinks that his father is being too hard on him and should just be proud of what he is doing instead of pushing him to do better. No matter how much his father tries to explain to him that he can do better he has an excuse on why he can’t. If he would listen to his father’s input instead of thinking he is criticizing him, along with putting more time into school work activities he would realize he can do better. When speaking to his father in the video, he also seem short and like he didn’t care what his father had to say. 3. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how the father’s self-concept impacted his interaction with Jim. Was it positive or negative?
The fathers concept affected his interaction with his son because he thinks that just because he did something a certain way, that his son should be able to do it that way. I think this has a negative and positive impact to the situations, because it can show his son that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. However, it can also make his son feel like his father is trying to make him be as good if not better than...

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