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2013-2014 Candidate’s Guide

Note to Readers
Dear Candidates:
You have chosen the CPA profession, one of the most demanding and enriching that there is. We congratulate you and promise to do everything we can to make this the best choice for your professional development. Specially designed for you, this guide provides detailed descriptions of all components of the CMA Strategic Leadership Program, at the end of which all conditions for obtaining the CPA designation should be fulfilled. This guide is an essential tool that you should read carefully since it outlines all of the rules governing the Program. These rules are intended to ensure, on the one hand, that all candidates master the skills necessary to practice the profession and, on the other hand, that everyone is treated equally. It is in this spirit that the moderators, correctors and staff of the Order make sure that they are respected.

Note: Wherever there is a difference in interpretation, the French version of this Guide will prevail over the English version.

Happy reading!


2013-2014 Candidate’s Guide

Table of contents
Note to Readers Chapter 1
CMA Strategic Leadership Program (SLP)
1.1 1.2 SLP objectives and basics The SLP in steps 1.2.1 Phase 1 - Development Learning activities 1.2.2 Case Examination 1.2.3 Phase 2 - Application 1.2.4 Report to the Board 1.2.5 Practical experience Evaluation methods for learning activities and national examinations 1.3.1 Evaluation of learning activities 1.3.2 Evaluation of the national examinations SLP management rules 1.4.1 Educational material and SLP Site 1.4.2 Attendance at interactive sessions Lateness or absences of less than three hours Absences of three hours or more 1.4.3 Group and team formation 1.4.4 Changing groups and teams Other useful information 1.5.1...

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