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Robert Parrish
CMAT 260-453 Job Fair Journal As a freshman, going to the job fair was a nerve-racking but great experience. I was very nervous coming into the job fair, because I simply did not know what to expect. People were there looking for actual jobs, with resumes in hand and I am there trying to get the feel Then, as I entered the fair I was greeting by Brandon Norwood, who is an alumni working for a company called MOI. MOI is a furniture Application and Design company that works on project management, and interior design in various apartments in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. We talked about the overview of the organization, and the different jobs that they hold. Also, we talked about the possibility for an internship during the spring or summer which they offered to any grade level. The company was very interesting and I plan to look more into it as one of the possible internship opportunities. After MOI, I spoke to James Simmons who is the Assistant Tourism Manager at the Wicomico Sports Marketing firm. We talked about the overview of the company and what were the requirements in order for an internship with their company. Since they are very small and come from a small area the big thing with them is to try and bring as much exposure through various sports. We also discussed my plans for my major (since it began as Sports Management) and what I wanted to do in that field. Fortunately, James said that the Sports Marketing firm takes people from any grade in college for their internship and said I could possibly have a job opportunity for the winter break. Overall, the job fair was eventful and fun. For someone who didn’t know anything about it, it was an eye-opening experience. The market for jobs and internships are really slim now a days, so us students have to market ourselves to the best of our ability to be able to get what we...

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