Cmgt 410 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Week 4 Individual Assignment
Michael J. Beard Jr.
June 18, 2012
Beth Shoults


To achieve success in implementing a project, it is essential to evaluate the project thoroughly. Project evaluation is a method to assure that every party involved within the project sticks with the objective until it is completed, and guarantee that precise expectations are met. Being Huffman Trucking’s evaluator, our company concentrates in certain aspects such as work authorization, project control, performance analysis, project cost, scheduling, and budgeting.
Week 4 Individual Assignment

As projects are completed, evaluations would still be ongoing bi-monthly in order to continuously and appropriately maintain the company’s new system. These bi-monthly evaluations are not done as a precautionary method or early detection but as well as keeping the operation smoothly running (Westat, 2002).

Every department or section of Huffman Trucking along with its headquarters would undergo the evaluation process through a bottom to top system. Through this thorough evaluation, a company’s personnel liable for a certain issue would be recognized. For example, managers would be evaluated similarity for their roles and responsibilities just like regular employee would be for each and every employee has a specific tasks and responsibilities to accomplish. Project control is defined as a scheme to permit the company to design, arrange, make financial arrangements, and measure the execution of their project (Westat, 2002).

A project manager’s tasks involve data collection from evaluations, assessment of project development, schedule, and expenses performance of the project. The data collected from the thorough evaluation would be utilized to make necessary modifications for improvement. Results of the project’s examination or inspection would…...