Cmgt/410 Week 5 Project Postmortem

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To: Mark Trask and Stakeholders
From: Yavonda Tingle
Date: June 29, 2013
Purpose: Epic Software Post Mortem

This past few weeks was like no other we have ever had at St. Anthony Hospital. This was the first chance that the whole group members of the team were required to complete every major component of the Epic Software process. We as a team under took certain activities that require a lot of time for every small return, and then we at times did not manage our resources effectively. But we did have many successes, and detailing both success and failings. And this is the purpose of this report. Below is a summary of the things we learned on this journey into installing Epic here at St. Anthony Hospital.
Management was not a problem for this group. The group was made up of over 50 people meaning that decision making was done by consensus. This allowed us to be more flexible with most of the assigning work to people. When one or more persons were assigned too much work it was common practice for another one to be added to level the work out. Things like this raised the group morale and productivity.
Management saw that communication between each group was great through this process of the project, even during the meetings with each group. By making it more efficient by putting the action items on the Epic web page, sectioned: OKC St. Anthony Hospital issues, after each meeting with different groups. Management was able to see how effective this was in communicating with each other. Everyone always knew exactly what his or hers responsible part was, and when it was due and that they could find even more information online. Email was the primary method of communication and we used it to send completed assignments back and forth, as well as post things to the Epic web page like a massage board.…...