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Cmgt 442 Entire Course

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CMGT 442 Entire Course

CMGT 442 Week 1 DQ 1

DQ 1: Based on the Ledford article, what special issues must be considered for corporate data which is not fully digitized? What are the potential risks associated with the loss of this type of data?

CMGT 442 Week 1 DQ 2

DQ 2: Based on the Barr article, what special issues must be addressed for a risk management strategy that supports Web-based systems? Why the risks are associated with disruption of these web-based systems critical and require diligent consideration?

CMGT 442 Week 1 Summary

For this first week’s weekly summary topic, please find and summarize an IS risk management related current event. You may reference any source (Newspaper, Magazine, e-article, etc.) but please be sure to cite your source based on APA standards. Please keep your summary concise (1 paragraph) and include your perspective(s) and conclusion(s). If your source is web based, you may include a hyperlink to the reference website. You may post your article summary at any time during the week. Please provide peer feedback to at least one of your fellow class member’s article summary.

CMGT 442 Week 2 DQ 1

Based on the Keston (2008) article, how important is enterprise identity management for reducing risk throughout the enterprise? Explain why a viable risk management strategy must include, at a minimum, a solid enterprise identity management process.

CMGT 442 Week 2 DQ 2

DQ 2: Based on the Barr (2009) article, what type of software should be considered to provide adequate security management across the enterprise? Is this a practical solution? Why or why not?

CMGT 442 Week 2 Summary

This week as we explore risk control models, please summarize two “technology use”...

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Cmgt 442 Entire Course

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