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Cmgt410 Week 3 Huffman Trucking Benefit Election

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March 13, 2011

Huffman trucking implementation for a new benefit election system is a complicated task. In order for the company to achieve the goals required for this project they must first organize all the personnel that will be in charge of analyzing needs, analyzing budget, define issues that may arise, designers, trainers, developers, and most important the administrative team meaning project managers. Organization at this point is the most crucial step to achieve the task and that is why the team must be chosen carefully.

Huffman trucking Benefit Election
At the starting point of the project the team must first discuss the benefits that they want to implement, they can also get in contact the human resources team to analyze what they have in plan as far as benefits go. Once something is decided the team can start creating several different types of plans which will eventually be reduced to a total of three plans A, B, and C. Once these three plans are chosen the analysts can review them with human resources to see if they a suitable for the employees, if the analyst team gets a positive response from human resource this first task will then be completed. The second step of the process now begin, this will consist of reviewing the requirements for the benefits. In order to determine how the requirements are met, the developers will create new software that will allow the human resource and management if employee qualifies for benefits. The software will make it easier for management and human resource to see how much time employees have been working for the company, part time or full time, what their status is in the company, what is their position in the company, and other requirements that might be...

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