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Bio present speech (Kevin = K , Tasha = T)
All: good afternoon.

K : Lets get started. We are group 3 and our topic is Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). My name is Kevin.(I am … x 8)

T: Here are our presentation rundown. (show 5-8 seconds) And now, Gerard and Jerry will talk about Discovery of Philadelphia chromosome and Molecular mechanisms of the initiation of Philadelphia chromosome-induced CML.

K: Tsaha, after hearing the causes, symptoms, treatments as well as their limitations, anymore to share?
T: it seems that you're quite curious about cml. Why not tell more about how cml is diagnosed?
K: Sure. From the clinical and laboratory perspective, here are some poor prohnosis characteristics.
•Older age
•Poor performance status
•Symptomatic presentation

•Enlarged liver (Hepatomegaly)
•Enlarged spleen (Splenomegaly)
•Deficiency of blood platelets → bleeding into tissues → bruising → slow blood clotting after injury

T: Let me add some complement. From the therapy associated perspective, here are some poor prohnosis characteristics.
•Longer time to hematologic remission with myelo-suppression therapy
•Short duration of remission
•High total dose of hydroxyurea or busulfan
•Poor suppression of Ph-positive cells by chemotherapy or interferon alfa therapy

K: lets move on to the diagnosis part.
We can obtain blood samples and bone marrow samples and undergo observation in laboratory. There are two ways to obtain samples.
1. blood samples from vein in the arm.
2. bone marrow samples from bone marrow aspiraton & biospy
Observe leukemia cells under a microscope

After that, we will undergo laboratory test which are Blood cell counts & blood cell exam. levels of different types of white blood cells how the cells look under microscope many immature white blood cells few RBC or platelets

T: Let me talk about the genetic test. We will observe BCR-ABL gene by undergoing polymerase chain reaction.
We will test on blood or bone marrow samples, by detecting very small amounts of BCR-ABL.
After treatment to check the presence of BCR-ABL gene.

After that, we can use ultrasound to do the diagnosis. 1. use sound waves and their echoes 2. after the interpretaion via computer 3. a picture of internal organs or masses will be seen
Hence, we can observe there are enlarged spleen or not.

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