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INTRODUCTION - Definition of coaching - Definition of mentoring - Application
Part A) Identify the process steps need to be taken to assess the learning needs of the organisation

* Step 1: Perform needs analysis * Needs Assessments * 1) Organisation Analysis * 2) Task Analysis * 3) Individual Analysis * Step 2: Identify priorities and important * Step 3: Design Phase of training and development * Step 4: Implementation * Summary
Part B) Identify and compare the costs and benefits that introducing a coaching system would involve * Cost * Benefits * Benefit 1: Recruitment and retention * Benefit 2: Continue Learning * Benefit 3: Several Skill Acquisition

Part C) Identify KPIs that they should expect to achieve through the implementation process

Part D) Identify the key stakeholders that will need to be involved in the process and how their support can be built.

Part E) Case Study Example – ASDA

Recommendations and conclusion
High performance and contemporary company need to acquire a much broader set of skills if they are to survive in the world of modern business. The pace of change is unpredictable fast, partly driven by the advances in information technology and the pervading influence of globalisation – has become relentless. The complexity of work has increased while career paths have become less obvious due to the flattening of organisational structures.
Managers and executives have continually to acquire new skills, be it in IT or organisational strategy. The traditional method of one-off instruction designed to equip an individual with enough knowledge to last a lifetime has been replaced by the concept of lifelong learning. It is not surprising that individuals and organisations are struggling to find…...

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