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Interoffice Memo
TO: Jay S. Jacobs, VP Human Resources
FROM: Darren Campbell
DATE: February 14, 2012
SUBJECT: Employee Educational Advancement Opportunities
Many of the employees at Intercontinental feel that it would be in the best interest of the company and the employees if we attend continuing education programs at the local university. By opening a tuition reimbursement program for employees at Intercontinental, the company would be doing a massive service to its overall well-being as to have a well-educated task force would help the company to run more efficiently, now and in the long-run. Would Intercontinental have interest in helping us to implement a tuition-reimbursement program?
It has been proven that implementing a tuition reimbursement program will help to increase employee morale and loyalty, thus increasing the efficiency of the company. According to the Toronto Sun, over 60% of employers (including General Motors, Bell, Hydro, Royal Bank and Toyota Canada) provide reimbursements for course fees and books when their employees complete approved courses with a C (grade) or higher. Also, according to the Globe and Mail, companies that have a tuition reimbursement program have higher levels of employee morale and loyalty. Both newspaper articles have been enclosed in this letter.
My fellow employees and I have not had the chance to complete our college diplomas and/or university degrees. Therefore, we feel it is pertinent for us to finish our secondary education in order to serve Intercontinental and its customers better.
We acknowledge that choosing to help reimburse tuition fees may seem financially cumbersome at this time. However, the positives will far outweigh the negatives as this will only increase employee morale and loyalty within the organization. Choosing to help finance employees will also reflect positively on the public’s perception of our company as the public will see that Intercontinental takes responsibility for helping to further educate its employees, which contributes to society as a whole. This public view can help increase profits for our company as many who value our company’s practises will buy our products and services, which overall will help contribute to our further success as a profitable business.
Please assist us in attending continuing education programs as this would help Intercontinental to reach new heights as one of the most successful companies in the world.


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