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* CPU- (Central Processing Unit) is the “ brain” of the computer and takes care of the bulk of the PC’s calculations. The CPU-related terms are quad-core or i7 core. It retrieves the instruction that it needs to run from program memory.
* Intel- is a processor represents the processor’s functions. The processor depends on the speed, front bus speed, L2 cache size, architecture and other processor features. It has large numbers in the same family.
* AMD- (Advanced Micro Devices) concentrates primarily on CPUs, chipsets, and other micro-processors, but Intel delves into many other markets including networking technologies, motherboards, and much more. The two companies are constantly waging a battle for superior CPU technology; this competition has helped the CPU market to quickly grow and become more sophisticated over the past two decades.
* Socket- The processor is gently placed in the socket, and then locked in place by some kind of retention mechanism. Older processors used a car-tridge system; the processor was integrated into a cartridge and would be pressed straight down into a slot, kind of like some older gaming consoles, and quite similar to the usage of an expansion slot.
* Clock rate- is the frequency ( or speed) of a component. It is rated in cycles per second and measured in Hertz ( Hz). For all practical purposes, the term clock rate is the same as the more commonly used term clock speed.
* Hyper-threading- is a technology developed by Intel for processing two execution threads within a single processor. Essentially, when HT Technology is enabled in the system BIOS and the processor is running a multithreaded application, the processor is emulating two physical processors.
* Dual- core-processors, which combine two processor cores into a single physical processor, provide virtually all of the benefits of two physical…...

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