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Duties & Responsibilities of Directors
September 2012

With increased consolidation of business across Europe, executives of multinational groups can find that they are required to become directors of companies in a variety of jurisdictions, often at short notice.
The rules relating to directorships vary considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This guide is intended to provide an overview of the duties and responsibilities of directors across 23 countries in Europe, answering the most frequently asked questions for directors coming from another jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions, there are various forms of company available, and there are different rules for directors according to the type of company used. This guide focuses for each jurisdiction on the most common form of company, and on the rules which apply to executive / managing directors. CMS is the organisation of independent European law and tax firms of choice for organisations based in, or looking to move into, Europe. CMS provides a deep local understanding of legal, tax and business issues and delivers client-focused services through a joint strategy executed locally across 28 countries with 52 offices in Western and Central Europe and beyond. CMS was established in 1999 and today comprises ten CMS firms, employing over 2,800 fee earners and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. This guide is intended only to provide a general overview of the matters covered. It is based upon the law in each of the countries as at 1 June 2012. However, the information contained in this guide is not comprehensive and does not purport to be professional advice. For further information on rules for directors of private companies in Europe, contact any of the people listed in the section ‘Contacts’ from page 132, or your usual contact at CMS.


For each of the...

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