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Dollar Shave Club University of Maryland, University College CMST 301 01/31/2016

Introduction & Synopsis In The New York Time article written by Dahl titled “ Riding the momentum create by a cheeky video” the author presents a founder of a Dollar Shave Club company which is based in Santa Monica, California. The company sells shaving razors to man based on a monthly subscription. Michael Dubin was the founder and he used digital media to achieve a goal of getting more customers but also to get investments from big companies. The prices range from a $1 to $9 a month based on what type of razor blade customer chooses. The idea of selling razor via subscription came to the owner Michael Dubin because he have heard of many man complain of the prices of razors in stores. At the begging of launching his business, he spent months driving down San Diego to connect with bloggers to spread the word. However, it was difficult and he decided to make a video to tell the story of buying a razor via subscription. After launching his video on YouTube it has been seen almost 10 million times. In the first 48 hours of launching the video, he had 12,000 orders placed. After the launch of the video the business kept growing, Dubin struck a deal with many investors, which helped him, grow the company. Today the business is valued at $615 million, what started, as a video ad now is multi million-dollar company. With the use of digital media, Dubin was able to attract customer to purchase the subscription. He used several strategies that helped his video ad be successful such as making a funny video, launching it a the right time, using funneling marketing strategy, and creating a call to action within the video. His success was measured based on customers sharing the video and money earned.

Goals of Individual The goal of Dubin was to...

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