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Co-Curricular Responsibilty; Educational Impact to College Students

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A. Background of the study Education plays a vital role in man’s journey towards excellence. This serves as the armour of an individual in facing the demands of life, a life where all his needs are supplemented. Nonetheless to attain such individuals of different status, socio-economic class, are sent to school to pursue his/her education. In the Philippine education system, extra or co-curricular activities are implemented to enhance or improve the learning of students not only on the academic field but also on the co-curricular one. Co- curricular activities include student leadership, campus journalism and campus athletics. These are considered as responsibilities that students involved must take and seriously consider. The Republic 7079 or the campus Journalism Act of 1991 serves as the basis of Higher Education Institution in organizing such body. As provided by the provision inculcated in the law, Campus publication staffs. Shall serves and must voice out their grievances of the fellow students. Thus, this requires a great sacrifice in the time of coming up of one output either in the form of broadsheet, tabloid, newsletter, magazine, and folio, depending on their choice.
On the other hand, as provided by R.A no. 8292 otherwise known as the Higher Education Modernization act of 1997, the formation of the student body organization is thereby required amongst SUC’s, the President of SBO shall serve as the Representative of the students in the board of regents or trustees. Thus in conclusion, a great responsibility is entrusted towards involved students.
Student journalist and student leaders are invited to attend seminars, forums, symposia and competition not only outside the campus but also outside the regions. Thus, an absence of three to five days in their classes is inevitable. Coping and adjustment is the only way...

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