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1. Satisfying the greatest happiness of the greatest number
2. It argues that one can have moral worth only if one is motivated by morality. In other words, if a person's emotions or desires cause them to do something, then that action cannot give them moral worth.
4. One works so that one can buy those things that will make you happy. Work is the price we have to pay in other to get both the necessities of life and the many other things that make life enjoyable and pleasurable.
5. Finding the work as means of achieving happiness which is Autonomy.
6. Work is primary activity through which people develop their full potential as human beings. The character traits developed and the end achieved through work are connected to living a fulfilled and meaningful human life.
7. Diligence, perseverance, and concentration are character traits, that contribute to the improvement of the human well being virtue ethics.
8. People choose to work for many reasons and may willingly accept undesirable jobs simply as a means to earn money. How work affects a workers ability to make free and autonomous decisions about their own life.
9. Liberal approaches to work such as Bowie’s Kantian theory reject this view as too impoverished an understanding of human freedom individuals may well choose to work tedious difficulty depressing low paying even dangerous jobs. But if there are few alternatives available we should honor this as a free choice. Respecting the autonomy of individuals, failing to recognize such jobs as unjust.
10. Value as the means for attaining an income and through that income, many other ends that we need and desire. One will work in order to buy food pay bills and other items as well as paying for child’s education. Work has high instrumental value by working one is able to attain many other goods. It is necessary for obtaining so many other goods, work...

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