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FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS 1. Standing near a person with whom you are having a conversation is an aspect of the setting component of human communication. a. True b. False 2. A person’s worldview or _____ characterizes the assumptions one makes about knowledge and the nature of reality. a. interpretation b. method c. theory d. paradigm 3. Julie criticizes her father for his political view and is trying to convince him that he is wrong. He responds by shaking his head and leaving the room. This is an example of _____ communication pattern. a. negative reciprocity b. insecure attachment c. demand-withdrawal d. blaming 4. A social scientific study found that individuals who were more satisfied in their relationships had a/an _____ attachment style and tended toward positive emotional communication. a. ignorant b. insecure c. weak d. secure

5. Your organizational structures, or _____, tell you what information belongs together and how to understand what you perceive. a. cognitions b. attentives c. representations d. templates 6. Two specific types of cognitive representations that individuals use to organize their perceptions about people and communication are called _______ and interpersonal scripts. a. labeling b. prototype c. stereotyping d. mind maps 7. The tendency to view one’s own group as the standard against which all other groups should be measured or judged is called ________. a. stereotyping b. labeling c. ethnocentrism d. prejudice 8. Jess is on a first date with Jim. She was surprised to learn that he wanted to have children and be a stay-at-home dad because she believed that men preferred careers to family life. She has been overgeneralizing or _____ men. a. misinterpreting b. stereotyping c. representing d. attributing

9. Which of the following terms best describe the signals that accompany speech to clarify or emphasize the verbal messages? a. Emblems b. Kinesics c. Illustrators d. Regulators 10. Obscene gestures are a form of the nonverbal behavior known as _________. a. gestures b. kinesics c. proxemics d. chronemics 11. Kinesics is the study of nonverbal communication, including all of the following except _________. a. gestures b. posture c. facial expressions d. paralinguistics 12. All of the following facial expressions are thought to be the same across cultures except _________. a. happiness b. calmness c. anger d. fear

13. Which of the following are opportunities for intercultural contact? a. Traveling for pleasure b. Traveling for study c. Internet gaming d. All of the listed options are correct 14. Which of the following constitutes an area for potential intercultural difference? a. Race b. Gender c. Age d. All of the listed options are correct 15. Culture has all of the following characteristics except _________. a. dynamic b. homogeneous c. operates within societal power structures d. All of the listed options are correct 16. _______ could be seen as "border dwellers." a. Immigrants b. People whose intimate partner comes from another cultural background c. Cocultural ethnic groups d. All of the listed options are correct 17. In which of the following ways are close relationships different from casual relationships? a. People in close relationships see one another as irreplaceable. b. People in close relationships expect their relationships to endure over time. c. People in close relationships experience a higher level of intimacy. d. All of the listed options are correct 18. The idea that we develop relationships with people who are approximately as attractive as we are is called the _____ hypothesis. a. 10-by-10 b. matching c. equivalent attractiveness d. None of the listed options is correct 19. Chris appreciates Kim’s frequent contributions to class discussion and thinks she is very smart. When the time comes to work on the group project, he plans to ask her to work with him. This is an example of the _____ type of attraction. e. physical f. social g. task h. All of the listed options are correct 20. We get to know people along two dimensions, breadth and depth. The theory that explains this process is known as the _____ theory. i. dialectical j. self-disclosure k. social acquaintanceship l. social penetration 21. The theory that emphasizes that our guesses about future interactions as positive or negative determine our probability of talking with someone and forming a relationship is called the _____ theory. m. uncertainty reduction n. relational dialectic o. predicted outcome value p. social penetration

22. Secondary groups meet to __________. a. socialize b. solve problems c. offer a sense of belonging to members d. All of the listed options are correct 23. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of working in groups? a. Group work can be time-consuming. b. Groups can silence divergent opinions. c. Group members rarely pull equal weight. d. Groups can become too close and become distracted. 24. Which of the following is not a component of small group communication? a. They include a small number of people. b. They share common goals. c. They are generally unconnected. d. They coordinate their behavior. 25. _____________ describe the shared expectations that the group members have regarding each individual’s communication behavior in the group. a. Group roles b. Group styles c. Task roles d. Task management

26. Which of the following theories suggest that leaders are born with natural communication skills, personality characteristics, and physical characteristics that enable them to be better leaders? a. Trait b. Functional c. Style d. None of the listed options is correct 27. Which of the following theories suggest that leaders can acquire communication skills and leadership behaviors over time? a. Trait b. Functional c. Style d. Transformational leadership 28. Which of the following is a component of shared leadership within functional theory? a. All members are equal partners. b. All share a common purpose or goal. c. All work together in complex, real-world situations. d. All of the listed options are components of shared leadership. 29. Empowering group members to work independently from the leader by encouraging group cohesion is the goal of a/an _____ leader. a. transformational b. servant c. authoritarian d. charismatic

30. Media refers to ________. a. the plural for medium b. communication for large audiences c. newspapers, TV, and magazines d. All of the listed options are correct 31. The _____ approach focuses on the media pathway from the sender to the receiver and does not focus upon the effect of the individual on the media. a. mass media effects b. linear model c. uses and gratifications d. cultivation 32. Media activists argue against immoral movements in the media but rarely celebrate positive media. a. True b. False 33. Which of the following theories help us understand how identity plays a role in media tastes and preferences? a. Regional identity b. Selective exposure c. Agenda setting d. Uses and gratification

34. Susan doesn’t have time to go to many movies or to watch TV because of her school responsibilities. Consequently, she reads the magazine Entertainment Weekly so that she can converse knowledgably with her friends and colleagues. According to the uses and gratifications theory, this is an example of media being selected for the purpose of ________. a. entertainment b. personal identity c. information d. integration and social action 35. Which of the following is a quantitative research method to examine the number of occurrences of particular phenomena, such as instances of teenage sexuality, in media? a. Polling b. Content analysis c. Survey d. Ethnography 36. Examining the correlation between an audience’s perception of reality and media coverage of those perceptions is the focus of _________. a. uses and gratifications b. cultivation theory c. agenda setting research d. linear model research 37. What indicates the fact that new media usually lacks the other person’s gestures, facial expressions, and sighs? a. Asynchronicity b. Filtering c. Nonverbal deficits d. None of the listed options is correct 38. According to the social presence theory, which of the following media would make Jonathan and Judy’s long-distance relationship closer? q. Talking on the phone r. Emailing s. Texting t. Video chatting (e.g., Skype) 39. Which of the following theories suggests that CMC offers a diminished sense of psychological closeness or immediacy because it removes most nonverbal cues? u. Media richness v. Uncertainty reduction w. Social presence x. Multiphrenic 40. Which of the following is typically the “richest” medium? y. The traditional telephone z. Video chat {. Email |. Text messaging 41. Misrepresenting yourself online is called _____________. }. spamming ~. spoofing . hoaxing . swindling 42. Which of the following information is usually disclosed on social networking sites? . Name and email address . Details that could be used to locate . Photos that may lead to social ostracism . All of the listed options are correct 43. Employers were most likely to disqualify a potential employee because of which of the following types of information found on a social networking site? a. Candidate posts about drinking or using drugs. b. Candidate has an inappropriate screen name. c. Candidate lied about qualifications. d. Candidate posted sexually provocative images or information. 44. Which of the following units creates ethical codes to reflect beliefs and values? a. individuals b. group c. communities d. All of the listed options are correct 45. Conrad and Celeste have been dating for a short time. They spend a great deal of time talking in order to learn about each other. They want to know how many shared interests they have.
Which of Knapp’s stages of romantic relational development are they experiencing? a. Experimenting b. Intensifying c. Integrating d. Bonding 46. Expressing ethical concerns about media coverage is an example of _________. a. media protest b. media activism c. media discontent d. media resistance

47. _____________ pertains to the belief that there is a single correct moral standard that holds for everyone, everywhere, every time. a. Relativism b. Communication ethics c. Effective communication d. Absolutism 48. Stereotyping is related to planning and occurs when you create interpersonal scripts that overgeneralize the attributes of a group to which others belong. a. True b. False 49. Personal distance ranges from ____________. a. 0 to 18 inches b. 18 inches to 4 feet c. 4 to 12 feet d. 12 to 25 feet 50. Which of the following is not among the four spheres or categories of space that humans use? a. intimate b. personal c. behavioral d. public

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