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Unit 3 Quiz 1

Units 1, 2, 3: QUESTIONS

Directions: Please select the best response(s) for each question. When there are multiple correct answers for a question, please select all that apply.

1. Communication is a _____________ process in which ___________ generate(s) meaning through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages in specific _________, influenced by individual and societal forces and embedded in ___________.
a. contextual, people, transactions, culture
b. people, transactions, cultures, contexts

cultural, people, contexts, transactions

d. transactional, people, contexts, culture

2. Which of these is not a component of human communication?
a. Feedback
b. Channels


d. Setting

3. Which of the following is the model of communication created by the textbook authors?
a. Human Communication in Society
b. Transactional


d. Linear

4. Communication ethics is defined as ____________________.
a. standards of what is right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral
b. the standards of right and wrong that one applies to messages that are sent and received

pertaining to the belief that there is a single correct answer

d. pertaining to the belief that moral behavior differs among individuals





5. Ancient Greeks, the Middle Ages, and the _____________ all made major contributions to the study of communication.
a. Civil War
b. Renaissance Era

Twentieth Century

d. Holocaust

6. The study of communication in the early twentieth century solidified into which two approaches?
a. Rhetorical and Behavioral Studies approach.
b. Positivism and Functionalist approach

Interpretive and Social Science approach.


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