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Coach Carter and Character Education

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The fundamental elements of character for Coach Ken Carter, the title character in the film “Coach Carter” were integrity and honesty, and self knowledge. Honesty because he told the players what he expected from them in the beginning. Self knowledge because he asked each player to think about what they wanted from the game of basketball, and helped them to realize it wasn’t just a game, but a chance for them to shine and lift a community and themselves out of negative situations, provided they make that choice. Finally integrity because, although many coaches talk a good game when it comes to holding players accountable for their behavior, Coach Carter actually walked the walk, so to speak. He cancelled a game when he found that players were not honoring the promises they had made to him to stay eligible. Coach Carter dealt with many things in this film, including unruly players and an administration that was not willing to go the extra mile for him they way he had shown that he was. The biggest dilemma the coach faced in this movie was whether or not to suspend players or games because of a lack of adherence to rules he had set in place before the season started. He told the players they each must maintain a certain GPA, and must attend classes, where he would be getting progress reports from each teacher. However, after many games in the season, his players took these requirements for a joke, and Coach Carter summarily locked the gymnasium doors until they satisfied his demands for making up the work. I can’t say I would have locked down the whole gym for the sake of a few players, however I can fully understand Coach Carter’s methodology: You win as a team, you lose as a team. It doesn’t matter if only two players can practice or play, you all must look out for each other off the court as you do on the court. I probably would have had to forfeit...

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