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Coach K Final Exam
May 1, 2012
Coach Mike Krzyzewski was a phenomenal coach and leader. He had the most career wins in NCAA Division I history. His is a prime example of exceptional leadership. Throughout the book Leading with the Heart I have seen prime examples of the following leadership theories: transformational leadership, trait theory, behavioral theory, and power and influence theory.
Coach Mike Krzyzewski is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He played point guard for the Cadet team. He retired from active duty in 1974 and started his coaching career. Coach K took over Duke during the 1980-81 season. He lead the Blue Devils to the NIT quarterfinals in his first year. Under his leadership the Blue Devils won their first national championship in 1991. They also won in 1992. He also led the team to another national title in 2001 and then again in 2010. Coach K is the definition of a leader. He has everything it takes to be a successful leader and he has proven that time and time again. He is more than just a leader and leading people to win games. He wants his team to get the best experiences possible. He believes in treating people fairly and what you put in to it you get out.
Transformational leadership is the leadership style Coach K participated in. Transformational leadership is where the leader constantly inspires their team with shared ideas of the future. The leader’s enthusiasm is usually passed on to the team, but it is important for the leader to also have “detail” people. These leaders look for things that will add value. Coach K would be a prime example of a transformational leader. He was a basketball coach, one of his main goals was to win basketball games; but it went beyond just winning games. What was most important to him was working as a team toward a common goal. It was to not necessarily win the game…...